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    Sometimes, when searching for a story you stumble into another story that is even more interesting. This is what happened when I neared the completion of the family history. I discovered that some of our family plantations in Albemarle, Virginia, are currently owned by John W. Kluge, an obscure billionaire who currently owns half the world and has an option on the other half.
    Mr. Kluge's rise to fame and fortune began with his developing the nation's largest chain of independent TV stations called Metromedia. He sold them to Rupert Murdock for two billion dollars. Fox Television Network was based upon this transaction. You will all recognize Mr. Kluge's logo today, for he previously owned, or currently still owns, ORION Pictures.
    Mr. Kluge owns 10 plantations (Apparently, in Virginia they are called farms.) On Morven Farm (Not one of our plantations.) he has built a 250 room mansion. He did own Spring Hill, which is ours and possibly others that are ours.
"The land on which lies the old cemetery (Mountain Plains) is currently owned by an industrialist."
    As for the man who was in the business of knowing things, I don't think he knows that on his farm land next to the old Mountain Plains Baptist Church lies the unmarked graves of a couple from whom American history descends.

    Research gets confusing at this point. Apparently, Mr. Kluge donated the 10 farms to the local University. You would think that the university would maintain the farms in their natural state into perpetuity. I think the university sold the farms and converted them into cash! This means ours farms are back in private hands...maybe.

                                                       I like to study history. I would hate to have lived it.
                                                                                                                  --Jim Tracy

                                                                                            the end.

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