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Bess Wallace
    This one was a sure bet, until...
    Elizabeth Virginia Wallace was born in Independence, Missouri and married Harry S. Truman. This is right in the middle of our old Wallace country. Remember, the President and his wife were both from Independence and would live out their lives there.
   The outlaw Youngers lived just two miles away.
    Harry would live for awhile in Clinton, just 13 miles from our cousin Mildred Bailey, in Leeton. He would come back to visit Clinton from time to time. Mildred used to a have a photo of Harry and her uncle riding in a parade together.
    Mildred wrote in October 2002: “ 1950 my husband and I joined the Eastern Star in Concordia, MO., and that year Harry Truman’s sister, Martha, was Worthy Matron of MO. and came to our meetings to train us in our duties. I was Marshall, got to escort her on my arm as we trained. Her Secret Service people always stayed in outer room and my daughter, Barbara, 4 years old, stayed there too. She was a very gracious lady and easy to know.”
    Alas, Dr. Don K. Wallace did extensive research as he is of that line. He found no connection between our two families.

DeWitt Wallace
    Founder of the mighty Reader’s Digest Publishing Empire. The editors and librarians at Reader’s Digest have been most helpful, as have the librarians at the Macalester College.
    They are an Ulster Wallace family. When they arrived from Ulster, our people did not meet them at the docks, nor take them into their homes when they tried to establish themselves. Remember, our people were a clan. I found no connection.

"Wallace of Iraq
    Many of our cousins wondered if this famous warrior was one of ours. Lt. General William "Scott" Wallace......commander of the American ground forces in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. I corresponded with his father and aunt. They are not in our family.

Henry A. Wallace
   Vice-President under Franklyn Roosevelt.  A book has been written on his life. We are not related.

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