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Old Waxhaws Church

    The Old Waxhaws Presbyterian Church (Meeting House), in Lancaster, South Carolina. The original meeting house was used to nurse the wounded after the Battle of Waxhaws.
    A year later this structure was burnt by the British, for obvious reasons.
    The original church was replaced by another building on the same site. This second church burned in 1802. Then a third church was replaced the second, then that one was replaced by the present structure built in 1896.
    “It is still a thriving church today.”


    Graveyard next to the church: Here are buried the wounded that did not survive the care at the church. The exact location of their graves is unknown. The names of the soldiers are unknown, graves unmarked.
    Statue of the woman is a monument to the mother of Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson.
(Photo by Julia Ashley)

    Andy’s oldest brother died after a battle. Andy and another brother were captured after another battle. His mother arraigned for an exchange of prisoners, which released Andy, his brother, also friends and neighbors. Both brothers were sick with jaundice. A devoted, patriotic mother, she carried the two boys on horseback a distance of 160 miles, nursing them along the way. The other brother died.
   She then returned to Charleston to tend to the starving captives, again relatives, friends and neighbors, who were held aboard a prison ship. She contracts ships fever and dies. She is buried in an unknown, unmarked grave near Charleston.
    Andy is left an orphan at the age of 14, with a bitter hatred of the British.


President Andrew Jackson, 65 years after the battle. The photo (daguerreotype) was taken a few weeks before his death in 1845.

Wacsaw May 30th 1780

My Lord,

I have the honor to inform you that Yesterday at 3 O'Clock PM, after a march of 105 Miles in 54 Hours, with the corps of Cavalry, the Infantry of the Legion mounted on Horses and a 3 Pounder, at Wacsaw, near the Line which divides North from South Carolina, the Rebel Force commanded by Colonel Burford, consisting of the 11th Virginia, and detachments of other Regiments, from the same Province, with Artillery & some Cavalry were brought to Action. After the summons in which Terms similar to those accepted by Charlestown were offered and positively rejected; the Action commenced in a Wood.

The Attacks were pointed at both Flanks, the Front and reserve, by 270 Cavalry & Infantry blended, and at the same instant all were equally victorious; few of the Enemy escaping except the Commanding Officer by a precipitate Flight on Horseback.

It is above my Ability to say anything in Commendation of the bravery & Exertion of Officers and Men.

I leave their Merit to your Lordships Consideration.

I have the Honor &c
(Signed) Ban; TARLETON
Lt. Coll. Comg. B Legion

For those few Wallace cousins who know the story of a death that took place 225 years ago, they say,
 “At Waxhaws, Adam Wallace was hacked to pieces.!”

“I have cut 170 Off’rs and Men to pieces.”
–Tarleton to Cornwallis

    On hearing of the British advance on Waxhaws, Andy and his teenage friends took to the woods to hide, trying to keep from being captured and forced to fight for the British.
    Tarleton and his legion rode past the hiding place. The story of the Battle of Waxhaws may never have taken place and Tarleton’s brilliant career may have had a different ending...if...
    How close did Tarleton come to Andy?
    "I could have shot him!"

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