The Tracy Family History
the Elam Line
Wallace (Wally) Stevens and Loretta Stockdale families


    Wally family: (Left to right), Wally’s grandchildren: Jessica Manning, born 23 October 1989; Ryan Manning, born 5 January 1992: Brenda Manning, born 9 October 1986.
    Wally; Rhonda Stevens Manning, born 1 October 1962. Rhonda is a 9th generation direct descendants of Daniel Boone, through his daughter, Jemima. Jemima was a great beauty. These two famous people, Daniel Boone and daughter, come back into our story later.


(Left) John Stevens, serving in Korea 1991. Born 2 October 1968. Wally’s son.
(Right) Matthew (Matt) Manning, Born 9 May 1985. Rhonda’s son.

Loretta Stevens Stockdale family

(Left to Right) Kathleen Stockdale, born 19 September 1969. Angela Stockdale, born 29 October 1990. (Steve’s granddaughter) Amanda Stockdale, born 3 July 1981. (Steve’s granddaughter) Steven Stockdale, born 27 July 1959
Sitting in front: Loretta, leader of the clan.



Andrea Stockdale, Steven’s daughter, great granddaughter of Opal. Born 12 December 1983. (Obviously a supermodel between jobs.)

                                                                                     OPAL - ELAM - LINE
    Opal Elam, daughter of Elijah Elam, born 23 October 1915, in Red Bluff, CA. Married Wallace Stevens, 13 August 1932. Have 2 children: daughter, Loretta Stevens, born 25 February 1936; son Wallace (Wally) Lewis Stevens, born 14 September 1942.
    Loretta married Floyd Stockdale. He is deceased. They had 2 children. Son, Steven Stockdale, born 27 July 1959; daughter, Kathleen (Kath) Stockdale, born 19 September 1969.
    Steven has 3 children (divorced first wife, children by first wife) Amanda Stockdale, born 3 July 1981; Andrea Stockdale, born 12 December 1983; Angela Stockdale, born 29 October 1990.
    Kathleen (Kath) Stockdale: no children, never married.
    Wallace (Wally) Lewis Stevens had 2 children (previously mentioned). Wally born 14 September 1942. Wally married Donna Pokert. (Divorced now). They had 2 children (mentioned).
    Wally’s children line:
Rhoda married Mathew Mining. They had 4 children: Mathew (Matt) Maning, born 9 May 1985; Brenda Maning, born 9 October 1986; Jessica Maning, born 23 October 1989; Ryan Mining, born 5 January 1992. (Note: Opal’s spelling on names changes.)
    John Stevens (Korea photo) divorced. No children.

    “You mentioned a Sarah Elam, her mother may have been a Mrs. C. A. Lewis (Information provided by the historian, Keith Lingenfelter, probably from the census.) could be, don’t know, but my mother - Viola Lewis Elam was the daughter of a Mrs. C. A. Lewis (Clarence). Don’t know who the ‘A’ is for. Grandma Loretta (Greer) Lewis, she later married Fred Gurnsey. Grandma Lewis was known, or everyone called her “Aunt Maggie." She was a practical nurse, I think that is what she was called.”
– Cousin Opal

    Update on my mother Margaret’s (Maggie) family. (Daughter of Wm. Brazell Elam and Lusannie Jane Moon.) She is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, CA, with my father, Luman Steth McGee (Bud). William (Bill), no children, is buried in Red Bluff (don’t know if there is a grave marker or not). Norman had 2 children (Michael and Susan). Elton had three children, Diane Pinola (now Wengreen) and lives in Lehi, Utah; twin boys, Gary deceased, and Larry living in New Jersey. Marian had one son, Norman; and as you know, Gerladine (Gerry - me), has 3 children, John, Carol and Laurie.
–Cousin Gerry Slocum

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