The Tracy Family History
the Elam Line 3
Elijah Elam Family

Elijah Elam (Uncle Lige). Elijah is a traditional family name that goes back generations.



Uncle Lige's three children:
Photo Left: (L) Mother's brother, Bill Linton. (R) Bert or Lewis Elam. Bert died 17 Feb 1969.
Center photo: Opal, 1965. Burt and Lewis are no longer living and were unmarried. Descendants are Opal's.
Photo Right: Lewis Elam


(Left) Opal and Lewis
(Right) Opal's two children, Loretta and Wallace (Wally)

Opal and husband Wallace Stevens with son, Wallace and daughter Loretta Stevens Stockdale

70th anniversary of Cousin Opal and husband Wallace ("We eloped."), at Stockton, CA., on 13 August 2002. Mother and I attended.
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