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The Famous Archibald Funeral Photo

The Famous Archibald Moon Funeral Photo, 17 March 1908. Photo may have been taken the next day. We have cousins living today who remember being at the funeral and watching this photo being taken.

Standing, L to R: Harry, Charles, James Luman, Joseph Moon. (Brice is not in the photo. Brice is a traditional family name which has passed down through several generations.) Historically, the Wallace male descendants were tall, powerful, strapping men.
Sitting, L to R: Mae (Mary) Moon McDowell, Lillie Moon Brass. Center: Lousannie Moon Elam (great grandmother) [Cousin Opal tells me that she remembers watching grandma Elam smoking a corncob pipe.], Louise Moon Weaver, Maggie Moon Woodfill.

Harry Franklin was born 7 August 1880 (1881?) in California, either at Paskenta or Ono. He was unmarried and died 4 August 1941 at the Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, California. He is buried in the family plot at the Igo Cemetery.

Charles P. (Uncle Doc), was born 22 (21?) April 1873, again at either Paskenta, or Ono. He was unmarried and died of TB in the Tulare Hospital on 24 March 1941. Uncle Doc is buried at Igo Cemetery in the family plot. (Doc, Uncle Doc, or Docturn is an old family name coming down through the generations. I have had the experts look into the origin of the name because it is so unusual. I find that the name does not show up on any list in the world of known names, thus it had to be made up.)

James Luman (The Lumans were a wealthy family.) born 28 October 1863. My best estimate is that he was born at the Moon house shortly after the wagon train of 1863 arrived in California. It is possible he was born at Red Bank, also Red Bluff. He married Carrie Williams on 1 November 1906, in Oakland, California, and died in Petaluma, California, on 15 February 1938. He is buried at Petaluma. (The death certificate says he was cremated.) He was a miner and a rancher. Church affiliation: Protestant.

Carrie was born 21 March 1884 at Indian Creek, Trinity County, California. She died 29 January 1965, and was a Catholic. Her father was Manuel Williams and her mother was Maria Grant.

(At this point I lost track of all the grand children, great grand children, and so on. I have some information sketched out by a cousin on a note pad, but I can’t put it all together.)

The Williams had four daughters:Flora (Flo) May was born 2 August 1907 at Indian Creek. She married Walter James Casarotti on 14 September 1929. They had two children:
James Richard, born in Petaluma 22 January 1935. He married Gail Linehan in Carmel on 26 September 1959. Children: Nancy Gail, born 6 June 1962; James Dennis, born 3 January 1964; and Richard Scott, born 9 October 1966.
Flora May's second son was Walter Dennis, born in Petaluma 10 July 1938. He married Patricia Rae Hartsock at Vallejo on 1 June 1963. Children: Matthew Ryan, born 29 June 1969; and Mark Fredrick, born 5 October 1971.
The second daughter of James Luman Moon was Celia Lorraine. She was born 11 January 1909 at Indian Creek. Celia married Louis Wm. Brage on 24 August 1941. They had one daughter, Karen Lou, born 21 March 1947. She married 20 March 1966 to Harry Thomas Petersen, in Petaluma. Children: William Thomas, born 11 December 1972; and Michael Thomas, born 14 December 1976.
The third daughter of James Luman Moon was Georgia Louise, born 26 September 1910, at Browns Creek, Trinity County, California. She married Fredrick Hugh McKay on 16 September 1935. They had no children.
The fourth daughter of James Luman Moon was Martha Marie. She was born at Hayfork, Trinity County, California, 21 November 1912. She married Robert Austin Stauft, on 4 July 1942, at Carson City, Nevada. Robert was born 19 March 1917 at Sioux City, Iowa. He was a welder by profession. Church affiliation: Christian Science. Martha was a beautician and a Protestant. They had two sons: James Robert, born 7 June 1946 at Petaluma. He married Kathleen M. McCord in 1963, at Reno, Nevada. They were divorced in 1971. They had one child, Robert Lyden, born 3 Febuary 1964 at Petaluma. Martha Marie Moon's second son was Charles Clyde, born 8 April 1950 at Petaluma. He married Lonzetta R. Rodgers on 29 September 1980 at Elko, Nevada.

Joseph Nicholas was born 22 March 1866 at Paskenta. He was unmarried and died in Redding, California, on 1 December 1946. He is buried at the Igo Cemetery in the family plot.

As mentioned, Brice Madison Moon is not in the photo. He was born 22 November 1857 in Missouri. He came home from out of State to die. He died at Maggie J. Moon Woodfill's (his sister) home on 24 February 1925 (1922?). He was unmarried and is buried at the Igo cemetery in the family plot. (Brice is a family name coming down through generations.)

Mary (Mae) was born 22 November 1875 in California. She married Walter S. McDowell on 22 November 1919. She died at Paradise, California (no date) and is buried at Magalia, California. There were no children.

Lillie S. (Lillian) was born 17 May 1878 in California. She married Fred Brass on 30 January 1899. She died at Santa Cruz in 1962 and is buried at the Santa Cruz Holy Cross Cemetery in Santa Cruz, California. They had three children: Alfred (no children); Anita, who married a Discoll (no children); Hazel, who married Roy B. Kunde. My notes say the oldest girl, Viola, is dead. There were two more children of which a boy is dead and a girl still living.

Lousannie Jane was my great grandmother.

Louise (Lucy/Louisa) was born 14 March 1868, probably at Paskenta. She married George Weaver on 6 October 1886, and died at Woodland, California, 21 October 1938. She is buried at Woodland. They had one boy who had no children.

Maggie J. was born 29 November 1869, probably at Paskenta. She married George P. Woodfill on 14 Feburary 1898. She died at Redding on 20 March 1933 and is buried at the Igo Cemetery. She had no children.

    In Missouri, Archibald lived in Old Cooper Co, Benton, and Morgan Co. So all of his children born in Missouri would have been born in one of these counties. All of the births would have been on the farms as that was the custom in the frontier era.
    In California, Archibald moved three or four times before settling in the mountains around Ono. So all of the children born in California would have been born in these areas.
    Of the boys only George Wm. Moon and James Luman Moon married. Many of the daughters had few children, others had none at all. There are not as many descendants as one might expect from such a large family.
    Apparently the Moons were not a church going people.
    As you can see, most of the family was buried at the Igo Cemetery.

    I am lucky to live in Sacramento, the State capital, where I have many government resources available to me. One is the public library system which has a large, experienced research staff. They are available, literally at my fingertips. All I have to do is get on the phone with a question and they will search for an answer. Sometimes it takes them a week to find the an answer, but always at no charge. (I challenge them with many complex questions.) Rarely do they fail to come through for me. I will never again complain about paying California State Sales Tax.
    Also available, is the California State Library. Their staff was very helpful in finding the following information, copying, and mailing it to me, all at no charge. This article is from The History of Sonoma County, California, published in 1926, volume II, page 739.

James L. (Luman) Moon
    James L. Moon, well known poultryman of Petaluma, is of that class of enterprising citizens whose example is an incentive to others, for his efforts have met with a fair measure of success and he has so ordered his actions as to earn the approval and esteem of all who know him.
    Mr. Moon is a native of the Golden state, having been born at Red Bluff, California, in 1865, and he is a son of Arch and Martha (Wallace) Moon, the latter a native of Tennessee. His parents came to California in 1863 and here followed farming during the rest of their lives, both now are deceased. One of our subjects paternal uncles, William Moon, came to this state as early as 1838, locating near Vina, where he spent the remainder of his life.
    James L. Moon received a good public school education, supplementing that by attendance at a business college. He then engaged in mining, which, with some time also spent in ranching, occupying his attention until February 1, 1915, when he came to Sonoma county and bought four acres of land, which he subsequently sold, buying then eleven acres of unimproved land near Cotati. He applied his energies vigorously to the improvement of his tract and soon established a good home and prosperous ranch. He keeps about four thousand hens and has as many modern conveniences and improvements on the place, including electric service.
    In 1906 Mr. Moon was married to Miss Carrie Williams, who was born and reared in Trinity county, California, a daughter of Manuel and Marie Williams, who were among the earliest settlers in that county. To Mr. and Mrs. Moon have been born four children, namely: Flora Mary, aged seventeen years: Celia, aged fifteen; Georgia, aged fourteen; and Martha, aged twelve. Mr. Moon is a member of the Free and Accepted Masons, in which he has taken the degrees of the Royal Arch chapter. Politically he is a staunch supporter of the democratic party, though he remains independent of party lines in local elections, and he belongs to the Central California Poultry Producers association, being a charter member of the local branch. The qualities which have made Mr. Moon successful have also brought him the esteem of his fellowmen, and he has at all times evinced a desire to contribute in any way possible to the welfare of the community in which he lives.

“What I remember about my father is that he was always tired. He worked hard.?-- Flo Casarotti


        Grandma and Grandpa Moon                               
                                                                                       3rd Great Grandmother, Martha Moon and children:
L to R; Charles, Mary (Mae), and Harry. Notice how tiny Grandma Moon is and how tall Uncle Doc, Charles is.
Throughout history, many little Wallace women produce many big Wallace men.
“Uncle Doc was very tall, well over six feet.?–Cousin Bonnie Horning

This is the wedding photo of Lillian (Lilly) Moon and her husband Fred Brass. Their descendants were just thrilled. They had never seen this photo before with the bird in her hat.

    This photo is so unusual that I had to include it. It was taken at the Woods Photo Gallery in Marysville, California. This photo gallery was used by the Moon family for many years.
    Photo can be dated from 1883-1900. There is nothing written on the photo to given any clue as to who it is, or her relationship to the Moon family. She obviously was very close to the family.
    Aunt Hattie told me the slave girl had to remain behind in Missouri. I assumed that the slave girl was mature, but she could have been a mere child. Did she later come out to California and rejoin the family? Could this be her?

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