The Tracy Family History
George Wm. Moon


    Archibald's first child, born 13 January 1853 in (Morgan Co.?), Missouri. This was by Archibald's first wife, Emmaline F. Lester. He would have come to California in the wagon train of 1863. George Wm. would have been 10 years old when he crossed the plains.
    He married Emily Malinda Wood on 20 November 1876 in Tehama Co. (Everyone is quick to point out that she went by the name of Emma.) She was born in Dixon, California, on 29 January 1855. Emma was the daughter of Samuel W. Wood and Carolien Udell. Her father was born in Illinois, and the mother was born in Ohio (Iowa?). Emma died at Paskenta on 12     August 1940. She lived 69 years in California and 68 years in Tehama County.
    “I knew the family well.” said Aunt Hattie. “It was a small family, only three children."

OBITUARY: Paskenta Man Dies at his home. George Moon, prominent sheepman at Paskenta died at home Saturday after lingering illness of dropsy, edema. Born Missouri, 64 years old. The death certificate says he died of "Chronic Intestinal Nephritis." He died on 3 August 1917.
    There was a divorce but I was never able to find the records.

"Mother Moon," Emma. photo. You don't find many antique photos like this.

"Dad Moon," George Wm.. The historian, John Bedford, told me he was a cattleman. I showed him this photo and said he was a sheepman, like all Moons. He pointed out that sheepmen were also cattlemen.

First, was Alberta, although she apparently went by the name of Bertha, or Bertie. She was born at Paskenta on 2 September 1877 (October?). Bertie married Chas Alexander Mitchell. Bertie died in Paskenta on 7 June 1963. (She was killed in a car accident.) Chas was born 28 February 1876 at Paskenta and died at Red Bluff 21 April 1941. His father was David Mitchell and mother Mary Ann Henderson.

Second, was (Wm.?) Alonzo (went by the name of Lon). He was born 28 December 1878 and died at Red Bluff 19 May 1961. Lon is buried in the Oak Hills Cemetery, Red Bluff.

Third, was Ethel, born in September 1881.

The line has run out. All that are left are 90-year-old Elizabeth Cleek and her daughter, Bette Lee Trainor, both living in Red Bluff.

“I and my daughter only left in George Moon.” --Elizabeth Cleek
In time, the Geo. Wm. Moon line will be no more...except...

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